Captain's Log: 2734 - Revelation

Captain's Log: 2734 - Revelation


Crown Foreman Ripley Lorde waited with a patient and clever smile as the 900 massive titanium-composite pillars around him slowed. During peak operating hours, standing at this exact spot would have him simultaneously crushed into dust, burned into ash, and blown to bits as the pillars around him rose and fell at impossible speeds. But now, during the Deep Blink, all equipment and systems on the planet were OFFLINE.

It was a holiday observed by nearly everyone on Revelation, and one of the few occasions where Ripley got to observe a very rare ritual that filled him with equal amounts of both immeasurable personal satisfaction, and an unshakable itching trepidation.

As the pillars finally came to a halt, Ripley paused for a moment. Here in the darkness, deep at the heart of his operation, he could almost feel the weight of the people his operations supported. The relentless hum of his heavy machinery was gone, but the eerie silence it left behind was just as imposing.

It was here where the truth was most apparent. Without the explosive jump start provided by the geothermal energy from the core of the planet, the 900 pistons in this chamber would remain halted, and these systems would remain OFFLINE.

It was also a test. One of both will, and resolve. And as the seconds of darkness turned to minutes, Ripley's smile grew. Power was shifting and the lack of interruptions meant everything was proceeding exactly as planned.

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