Captain's Log: 2734 - Sector Tien

Captain's Log: 2734 - Sector Tien


Jade Bootroot stood at the help of her ship as it cut through the inky black of space, her sensors on alert for any signs of danger. The crew of the Iron Everest had been out on their expedition for far longer than they originally planned, but after working tirelessly for months and with light years of space travel behind them, they were finally headed back home to Argos.

Captain Jade Bootroot

Jade placed her hand gently on the control panel and felt the familiar oscillation of the ships engines as they drove the multiple tons of materials that the crew had recovered. Jade knew that the SIN she received from selling her cargo would not only feed her crew for the foreseeable future, but also provide much needed raw materials for the citizens of planet Argos.

Despite the resounding success of their mission, or more accurately because of it, Jade knew that the return journey would also take far longer than they originally planned. Her crew had sustained heavy losses while retrieving and protecting their payload and as captain, Jade felt a weighty obligation to get her ship and its remaining crew home safely.

The Cargo Hold of The Iron Everest

Jade was aroused from her silent musings by the familiar sound of the bridge doors opening below her. Most likely the Grand Sub Captain returning from the cargo bays with the final manifest. Jade took one last look out at the stars and turned to descend the ramp to the bridge floor. It was time to find out how much her sacrifices had bought.

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