Jade Bootroot

Jade Bootroot

Born : 2692

Much like her mining barge, the Iron Everest, Captain Jade Bootroot has an unyielding exterior that causes most people to clear her path or risk being crushed. As she blazes through the galaxy, she remains steadfast--a bulwark unfazed by chaos or crisis, and confident in the face of any odds. Beneath her hardened exterior lies a core of unflinching tenacity. Over time, her determination has become a beacon for others, drawing a fearless vanguard into her orbit. This mighty crew of men and women currently compose the backbone of her mining operations.

A patient leader with a seemingly supernatural ability to inspire loyalty, Captain Bootroot is known for completing operations most other mining crews wouldn’t even consider. Often discovering hidden mineral deposits along the way, and returning to various spaceports with her cargo bays packed with precious ore. These successful operations have earned Captain Bootroot respect among the miners’ guilds—and, perhaps more importantly, wealth. Much of which she uses to generously reward merit among her crew.

Strong-willed and self-reliant, Captain Bootroot respects anyone who shares her loyalty to crew and cause. That respect is often tempered by a healthy dose of disrespect for both authority and titles. Especially when that authority impedes her path. Her independent nature also makes Captain Bootroot generally hesitant to accept aid of any kind.

Jade has always been a captain who leads from the front. You’re just as likely to find her in the engine bay or cargo hold as you are on the bridge. A leader who demands much, but rewards generously. Someone respectful of individuality, but keenly aware that greatness cannot be achieved alone.

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