Lloyd Wright & Brick Walker

Lloyd Wright & Brick Walker

At first glance, Lloyd Wright looks like any young citizen of Argos. Brick Walker however, looks like he could breach a set of blast doors with his bare hands. Together, Lloyd and Brick lead the infamous Phox Security. A private security firm created explicitly for securing and protecting precious cargo.

The common story among the citizens of Argos is that Lloyd brought Brick back from the past using a time machine he invented in elementary school. With the consensus being that Brick was previously a medieval knight.

In the field, Brick utilizes sensible, effective tactics with the direct intent of minimizing collateral damage and protecting innocent civilians. Even if that means taking a bullet for them. Brick frequently incorporates new technology in combat, but relies primarily on his knowledge of fundamental war tactics to achieve success.

Lloyd is far more pragmatic in his perspective. Preferring instead to focus his efforts on the security of the cargo above all. A gifted statistician, Lloyd is an expert at determining odds. Which he does primarily from the bridge of his ship, The Gemini Star. A vessel that also serves as mobile reinforcement for any Phox Security operations.

Lloyd is also a skilled marksman, and his brilliant tactical mind makes him an expert at improvised weaponry. With additional hands-on experience with essentially any ordinance available on the market today.

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