Pre-Sale: Get in early and get rewarded!

Pre-Sale: Get in early and get rewarded!

On December 15th, we launched the $VEC token pre-sale where you can take advantage of this limited access opportunity to claim exclusive access to your own solar systems and mine them to earn $VEC tokens!

Not only will you be one of the first explorers of the Velorum Galaxy, but you'll be rewarded for getting in early too!

By participating in this exclusive pre-sale, you will be one of the first pioneers to explore the 100,000+ star systems in the Velorum Galaxy. By purchasing the claim to a solar system, you will gain exclusive access to play our MECO minigame, a 10 minute long mining & survival challenge. Each system offers distinct challenges and rewards, with some systems richer in resources than others. Claiming systems that are rich in resources will give you an advantage in both the MECO minigame, our upcoming Gold Rush Nexus (GRN) game, as well as in our release of the official Singularity game.

The more levels you complete, the more you are rewarded!

Game Tip: Binary solar systems offer the most exclusive and rare minerals, giving you the biggest advantage over other players. Search extra hard for the ultra rare (<0.1%) Double Degenerate Binary Systems (DDBS)!

What are the benefits of getting in early on the pre-sale?

With a claimed solar system, you are rewarded with:

  1. An NFT commemorating your claim, and status as a Pioneer Velorumite, which will have a surprise loot when the Singularity game launches
  2. A competitive edge over other players
  3. Exclusive early access to our releases before they go public
  4. $VEC tokens, to help support the community and the evolution of the games.

How do I claim a solar system?

Step 1:
First, make sure you have the Phantom wallet extension installed on your browser. You can learn more on how to get your wallet securely connected to your browser in 3 simple steps.

At this time we only support purchasing from your desktop browser.

Step 2:
Once you have the wallet provider extension installed, click Connect Wallet.

Step 3:
Purchase your solar system claims using USDT, USDC, or SOL

Once the pre-sale event closes, we will launch the minigame and you will have exclusive access to hoard all the resources you can from the solar systems you claimed by building mining facilities and apparatuses while defending yourself against alien invaders in the MECO minigame.