Revelation is the industrial capital of the Velorum Galaxy. Hot, loud, and unforgiving, this planet brutally punishes the foolish, but also graciously rewards those who make their living from the sweat of their brows or from the strength of their backs.

The superheated core of Revelation is the key to the planet's resource output, frequently producing massive lava plumes that erupt through the crust of the planet via reinforced ventilation shafts designed and maintained by members of the Velorum Engineers Guild.

This guild is led by none other than the Crown Foreman Ripley Lorde, a position he has held longer than any other man alive. Under his leadership, the V.E.G. attracts some of the greatest and brightest engineers in the galaxy, harnessing the geothermal energy of Revelation to create the specialized modules utilized on the largest spacecraft in operation throughout the Velorum Galaxy.

The work is punishing but the rewards are great and despite the grueling conditions, Revelation supports a thriving community. The people here are hardworking and determined. They know what it takes to succeed in this harsh environment and they’re not afraid to fight for it. There's a sense of community on Revelation that you won't find on other planets. Everyone is in it together, and they all rely on each other to survive.

Singularity is built around four pillars: exploration, survival, combat, and trading. Players can advance in the game through numerous means such as mining, building, battling, and commerce. We are creating an infinite galaxy with infinite possibilities to give our players something valuable in return for their time in the Velorum Galaxy.

This is a game powered by web3, where it can be played on browsers, and will have fast, regular, and seamless updates.

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