Ripley Lorde

Ripley Lorde

Born : 2692

Ripley Lorde is an enormous, robust man, standing a full head and shoulders above most citizens of Argos. His left leg is synthetic, a replacement limb he designed himself following a particularly volatile experiment a long time ago. The bionic prosthesis is the result of years of research & development, making it a literally priceless piece of technology. One that Ripley takes great pleasure in showing off to everyone.

Ripley is a smooth operator, cool under pressure, and adaptable in almost any environment. He enjoys being clean and is rarely seen in public without his trademark white walking stick. This accessory hides many secrets and tools such as an umbrella, flashlight, knife, grapple, taser, and even a rumored energy weapon of some kind.

He’s also a tinkerer by nature with an intuitive affinity for anything mechanical or technological. This knowledge, combined with a natural photographic memory, allows Ripley to quickly analyze the function and structure of any technology in the known galaxy. Oftentimes by sight alone. This gift makes Ripley the go-to expert on technologies from any and all eras.

Widely considered to be one of the greatest engineers in the galaxy, Ripley is largely responsible for designing the intricate and critical modules found on the colossal spaceships flying today. He’s extremely confident in his abilities, and his favorite phrase is undoubtedly “I made some improvements…”

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