Singularity Online Release

Singularity Online Release

We are excited to launch! In this release, you can get a feel for the vastness of the Velorum Galaxy, and meet its first citizen Darius Meister, a cunning, brilliant, and ruthless owner of a shipping empire.

Singularity is a web3 P2E open-world space exploration game where players can take advantage of the well-balanced tokenomics of the SINGULARITY Token on the Solana blockchain. For more on this read our white paper.

Velorum Galaxy

There are more than 100,000 solar systems in the galaxy, all evolving and changing with time. There might be a black hole waiting to swallow you up if you get too close, or an asteroid belt that will make you richer than your wildest dreams with its rare ores.

Soon we will host the GRN (Gold Rush Nexus) where players will be able to explore every corner of the galaxy in glorious full 3D, and by doing so, they will mint all of its solar systems on the blockchain. The lucky first player minting each solar system will be rewarded riches, a.k.a. SINGULARITY and VELORUM tokens.

The Velorum Galaxy

Meet the Velorumite - Darius Meister

Starting today, every week we will be introducing a citizen of Velorum. They might be a well-meaning father figure or a ruthless outlaw looking to make a quick buck. You won't know their significance until you meet them in space on your way to complete a mission.

Master Darius Meister
Meet Master Darius Meister

We are very excited to continuously share our progress, and look out for the roadmap blog coming soon!